Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cycling Podcasts

I just found the Crooked Cog podcast, courtesy of the twentynineinches.com site. Haven't listened to it yet, but looks like it has potential. I've listened to a couple of Specialized's podcasts. What others are out there that are at least halfway good?

I should note that I'm familiar with VeloNews, Bicycing magazine, Zipp, and various other more commercial entries, but haven't been interested in those. Obviously everyone's taste varies, but if you have ones you really like, lemme know!

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Jay said...

Check out the FredCast, I found it via iTunes. The guy is kinda dorky, but he does have some pretty interesting topics. Currently he's doing a series on power meters. First he tested an iBike, next up is the new Polar CS600, then I assume he'll get into the PowerTaps. Not sure if he'll convince SRM to give him a test unit or not...

I also like the Carmichael Training Systems podcasts. They have good info about nutrition and various other topics.