Sunday, June 17, 2007

Crawfish Ride

I rode Crawfish yesterday, which you can do starting at the same place as
Brice Creek. Here's the map. Many say Crawfish is better. I'd seen these pictures of Brice Creek and was eager to ride it. The DoD guys had just ridden it last weekend, but Brock suggested Crawfish, possibly hitting Brice at the end. We wound up not doing Brice, but that was no problem.

We did Crawfish as a full loop, but many shuttle to the top, because the
initial climb is 6 miles up gravel road, and took our group 2.25 hours
(and I was the first to the top, so you get an idea of the group's
climbing speed :) Four of us were riding: Brock, Steve, Sarah, and myself.

But then the descent just rocks! Best ride I've done so far here.
All singletrack, all the time. And, there were rocks! The descent
had full on rock gardens, including a couple uphill sections, and then
just tons of twisty, sometimes rooted, singletrack that went on for
2.5 hours. Superb.

Brock and I loved it. Sarah and Steve were not as enthused, as
they thought it was a bit too technical. Sarah commented at one point that we were riding down a river bed, not a trail. Heehee, that was one of my favorite sections! I do love the rocks. We were going to tie in Brice Creek at the end, but everyone needed to get back, and/or was wasted.

Total ride was over 5 hours, with 5000' of climbing, 16.7 miles, two broken spokes (Brock), and this was the first mtb ride here where I didn't run out of water!

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