Thursday, September 13, 2007

If I could run any retail business...

Matt told me about Mojo this evening, as we discussed my new espresso machine setup.  One of my dreams for a while now, has been to open a combo high end bike shop and high end espresso cafe.  Both would be done top notch - it wouldn't just be another bike shop that happened to have an espresso machine inside with untrained, or poorly trained baristas (aka the bike shop folks who've been told quickly to slap some coffee in the portafilter, and press a button, etc.).  Anyway, this Mojo shop in San Francisco looks pretty close to what I'd want to do.  Now I just have to make a zillion bucks first, so I can bankroll the shop, and know that I likely wouldn't actually make money running such a shop (Mojo might make it in a place like SF where there's a crapload of money, and good taste in coffee, but many other places it'd be tough).  

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