Sunday, September 9, 2007

Niner Converted to 1x9

Niner 1x9
Originally uploaded by Christopher Bailey
Yesterday I converted my Niner to a 1x9 drivetrain. Came out quite nice. I used a Spot bashguard and an N-Gear JumpStop to keep the chain on the chainring. I had already shortened up my chain when blocking out my big ring, so that was dialed. Pulled off the front deraileur and shifter, dropping probably 3/4 of a pount. Bike weighs exactly 27.05 pounds now according to my digital scale.

I have also put on a WTB Weirwolf 2.55 LT tire up front, but haven't been very impressed. Here's my review of that. I've basically been riding this bike as 1x9 for the last several rides anyway, so should be great.


Erik said...

Looks very clean and fast!

Chris said...

Ya, I am just loving it now. Going 1x9 on this bike was a great choice.